3 Dimensional Design

Our last pathway was 3DD. I had to create a 3 dimensional response to a crisis. I started off by doing a mindmap to consider what sort of crisis’s I could think of and what I come across in my life. I decided that quite a few of my problems were related to storage and space and also waste. I looked into some designs which had already been created in response to a crisis. The one which I was most interested in was a Lifestraw, it is used in third world countrys to give people clean drinking water. The straw works by filtering the water from any stagnant pond or just general dirty water and turns it into clean water.


I began to start drawing some designs and the one which I thought would be most appropriate to solving a crisis was a storage box which hung inside a cupboard, where you could store recycling in the transition between it sitting on the side and making it to the recycling bin outside. It would sit inside a cupboard meaning it wasn’t in the way.


I was able to finish this design quite quickly, so I began to consider the reasons for why people would bother with this box and if I could make it more worthwhile. I brainstormed again and decided that what if the box could give something back? I then had an idea that maybe the plastic and metal that was being recycled could all get melted down and turn into a liquid. This liquid could be an additive to petrol to make it last longer and to save consumers money making recycling worthwhile. I added on a bottom to the box and also a petrol pump.




This week we started on a different pathway called moving image and photography. We were given the words RIGHT, WRITE, RITE and WRIGHT as a starting point for our project. This week we were working in a group. We started by brainstorming the meanings and words related to the four topics. We decided that we would use the word WRIGHT, we found out that there were two men called the Wright Brothers who invented the aeroplane, we felt that this would make an interesting animation, showing the progression of the aeroplanes they invented. We looked at the way that a paper aeroplane was thrown to get the right angle when drawing the arms.


aeroplane 2

In the animation I was in charge of drawing the paper aeroplanes ranging from really small to quite big in six different drawings. Once all of the drawings had been finished we began shooting our animation. We started off quite slowly but began to get more confident as we went along moving each drawing slightly every time. Overall I really enjoyed creating the animation and thought it turned out really well.

Fashion and Textiles

For this weeks fashion and textiles project, the task was to make a body adornment. We had to come up with a crisis and a synopsis, I decided to write a short story about the impact and aftermath of a black hole on the world. The planet became plunged into darkness, taken over by strange scary animals and turned freezing cold. I had to consider what I would need to keep my person alive. It was an adornment that was going to be: Warm, Camouflage, Protection and Shelter. After I had sketched a few design ideas I decided I wanted to create a poncho. I thought the perfect material to use would be a foil blanket as it would be warm.

I began to pin channels into the foil with I would thread paper straws through to make the poncho stick out. I machine sewed down the lengths of the foil. I had to add quite a few channels to make sure the poncho would stand out enough. I originally thought of adding fur underneath but I decided it would be too heavy for the foil to take.


Once I had finished the poncho I took some photographs of my model (Ellie) wearing it. I did her make up using black face paint and charcoal, I wanted to add a distressed look to the piece and to make her look like she is struggling for survival in the new world. Overall I am really happy with the final outcome of the project.



Fine Art

This weeks pathway is fine art. Our starting point for the project is the quote ‘To live is to leave traces’ We brainstormed the different traces we could think of such as: footprints, aeroplane smoke, litter, graffiti and firework patterns. I decided that I liked the idea of using stamps as they represent the trace of where something is going and where it has come from. I took inspiration from the artist Zoe Leonard who used postcards to represent Niagara Falls.

zoe leonars

I decided that I would use a world map to put the stamps onto, I would do these by putting the stamps on top of the country where they were from. I tested just sticking them down but quickly the Europe area got very overcrowded therefore I used pins instead.

Sorting through the stamps.


Overall I am really pleased with the finished piece, when we displayed out work I decided to hang it on the wall in a plain white space.


Visual Communication

Starting our Vis Comm week, we used a newspaper article of our choice to create a book. I chose to use an article about Dolce & Gabbana evading tax. We started by picking 8 sentences out of our news article which we believed described the story. We then used typography to present them in ways which portrayed there meanings.


We then picked 10 images which we thought related to the news article. We used these to create a collage, using techniques such as layering, drawing with twig and ink, and overlaying tracing paper.


To make the final touches to creating the book we practised folding A3 paper in different ways to create types of books such as concertina, maze book and instant book. My favourite was the maze book. I wanted to incorporate my typography with my collaged piece so I photocopied it on to the top of my collage, relating the typography to the square of collage. Im really happy with how the book turned out as I believe it portrayed the news article well and was interesting at the same time.



Brick Lane Trip

For the fashion and textiles pathway we went to London, to visit vintage boutiques in Brick Lane. We started by looking at the stolen space gallery, which contained a collection of photographs which looked like running ink. Whilst walking along brick lane we spotted street art on some of the buildings. I particularly like the elephant/octopus and the bird we saw. 018


When looking in the boutiques we found some really interesting prints and patterns. Some which are now back in fashion particularly tartan. I love the colours which are within this traditionally coloured tartan. Especially the lace which has been added to the edge creating texture.